University of Nottingham Ningbo China

University of Nottingham Ningbo China

MSc, International Management

: September, 2023
: English
: May, 2023
: RMB 110,000
: -
: 081217178800 / 081214567888



Course overview

The MSc International Management programme furnishes students with advanced knowledge and facilitates the development of professional and interpersonal capabilities relevant to international and cross-cultural management, to prepare them for careers in international organisations and multicultural work settings.

All students undertake core and elective modules relating to a wide range of management disciplines. Elective modules offer a wide selection of options that allow students to focus on advanced topics –such as supply chain management, entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility, e-business, or project management,- that fit their interests and career aspirations.

Course structure

Year 1


Students must take all modules in this group.

BUSI4521 Business Research (10 Credits) Autumn

BUSI4523 Cross-cultural Management (20 Credits) Autumn

BUSI4303 Management Dissertation (60 Credits) Summer

BUSI4531 Transnational Human Resource Management (20 Credits) Spring


Group 1: students must take 10 credits from this group.

BUSI4533 Further Quantitative Research Methods (10 Credits) Spring

BUSI4538 Further Qualitative Research Methods (10 Credits) Spring

Group 2: students must take a minimum of 50 and a maximum of 60 credits from this group.

BUSI4367 Assurance (20 Credits) Autumn

BUSI4366 Principles of Taxation (20 Credits) Autumn

BUSI4376 Marketing Management in the Digital Economy (20 Credits) Autumn

BUSI4524 Entrepreneurship in Context (20 Credits) Autumn

BUSI4539 Strategic management: Analysis and applications (10 Credits) Autumn

BUSI4543 Corporate Finance (20 Credits) Autumn

BUSI4548 Project Management (10 Credits) Autumn

BUSI4363 Advanced Management Accounting and Strategy (20 Credits) Spring

BUSI4385 Business to Business Marketing (10 Credits) Spring

BUSI4401 Operations and Supply Chain Strategy and Practice (20 Credits) Spring

BUSI4522 Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management (10 Credits) Spring

BUSI4534 Financial Reporting (10 Credits) Spring

BUSI4536 Derivative Investment (20 Credits) Spring

BUSI4537 Fixed Interest Investment (20 Credits) Spring

BUSI4544 Managing International Business in China (10 Credits) Spring

BUSI4547 E-Business (10 Credits) Spring

BUSI4549 Strategies for Corporate Social Responsibility (10 Credits) Spring

Careers and further study

The course acts as a sound basis for a variety of management or management-related careers. The degree offers opportunities in a variety of careers such as Business Analysis, Business Development, Banking, Education, Hotel Management, Project Management, Product Management, Consultancy, Foreign Trade, Customer Relations, Sales, General Management, Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, Human Resources, and Organisation Development.

According to the latest Careers and Employment Report, 90.9% of international management graduates chose to work directly and had a wide range of employment, including positions in banks, securities companies, state-controlled companies and schools.


1. High school diploma and above.

2. Non-Chinese citizens who hold a foreign passport and comply with the relevant regulations set by the “Document No. 12 (2020) of Ministry of Education of the PRC ".

3. Physically and mentally healthy.

4. Applicants under 18 years old (Per September) should provide a letter of guarantee for their guardian in China (notarization required).

Application Documents:

1. Scan passport: Front page and Endorsement page (page 3/4, if there is an addition or change of name). ( (

2. Recent passport size photo, with the following format: Recent full-faced passport size photo (the head occupies 70% of the size of the photo); the aspect ratio is 4:3; white background without borders; the size is 100-500KB (*.jpg,*.jpeg). (

3. Language Certificates

- English Taught: IELTS with an overall score of 5.5/6.0 or TOEFL IBT 85 (different for each university)

- Chinese Taught: HSK 4-6 (levels and minimum scores are different for each major and university)

4. High school diploma (for bachelor degree) and Bachelor or Master diploma (for master and doctoral degree), hasn’t graduated students should provide an official statement from your high school or university as proof of graduation (Pre-Graduation Statement). ( (

5. High school transcripts (for bachelor degree) and university transcripts (for master and doctoral degree), page sorted in 1 file. Please contact your school to get ‘1 sheet’ kinds of transcripts. (

6. 2 (two) recommendation letters from your teachers in high school (for bachelor degree) and two university professors (for master and doctoral degrees) along with letterhead and stamp from the school. Please also include the email and phone number of recommenders. (

7. Study Plan / Personal Statement, approximately 800 words (English/Mandarin) and must be signed with a clear name. You could check general personal statement points grid here (

8. Additional requirements that apply vary from university to university, for example:

- Entrance Examination / Interview.

- Curriculum Vitae (CV). (

- Financial Statement (from Bank). (

- Certificate of No Criminal Record (SKCK) from the Local Indonesian Police. (

- Medical Check Up Report. ( (


- Documents number 4-6 above, MUST be translated into English / Mandarin, and legalized by the school or you could use the services of a sworn translator.

- Documents needed for Additional Requirements do not need to be prepared in advance, our team will follow up with you later.

- Please neatly SCAN each file in pdf format, the size must not be more than 1 MB (except the passport photo must comply with the requirements above), then upload everything to the system at

1. Tuition: RMB 110,000 Per Year

2. Accommodation costs: approximately 5,000 – 16,000 RMB per year for oversea students, depending on the type of accommodation.

3. Living costs: 16,200 RMB-31,500 RMB per year for living expenses.

4. Compulsory insurance: RMB 1,000 for postgraduates.

5. Campus card fees: RMB 200 for the first year if you choose to live on the campus. And the money will be used to precharge utilities.