Great Wall - China Education Consultant (Great Wall - CEC) is a fast growing private Indonesian company promoting China's education in Indonesia and giving assistance to all Indonesians matters related to studying abroad in China. Each year the company is provided advice and assistances to large number of clients. Great Wall - CEC has in house experienced and friendly education counselors.

Great Wall - CEC is providing the right advice to suit a student's need for his/her success in China education. As an educational consultant, we devote our full energies to school or university placement and related services. This means we have the time and the undivided attention to give to the essential work of fitting students to schools or universities; to developing relationships with admissions staff; to keeping up with key developments in China's education; and - most important - to getting to know the individual student with whom we will work closely throughout the placement process. It is this combination of expertise and personal attention that is drawing increasing numbers of students to our services.

On certain times, we also hold overseas education fairs, at which we invite school representatives to Indonesia to speak about their school and possibly recruit prospective candidates to join them. For particular occasions, entrance exams can be taken under invigilators' supervisor at our office to ensure each student's true ability is to be assessed by the schools' admission tutors.


To be the best provider of educational information and solutions in the eyes of our customers, partners, employees and public and to maintain services at its best by:

  1. Nurturing partnerships with schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions for mutual benefits.
  2. Contributing in the growing of Chinese language and culture in Indonesia.
  3. Providing a work environment that fosters teamwork, accountability, personal growth and joy.
  4. Being recognized as a responsible corporate citizen in the communities in which we work and live.
  1. To encourage collaboration efforts promoting China's education in Indonesia and overseas.
  2. To dedicate our efforts in providing correct information and quality services on studying abroad in China in the most effective way.
  3. To promote mutual trust, understanding and cooperation among China's educational institutions and to aid in the overall development of the field.


At Great Wall - CEC will only work with educational institutions who are fully government & industry accredited. We cooperate with institutions that offer a high level of student welfare and assistance as well as high quality programs. We will counsel and recruit students for overseas study to the best of our ability and maintain ethical standards of professionalism.


We understand the difficulties on getting the best education for your children. Great Wall is available to give equal chances on getting education in China. We establish connection with EVERY Universities in China to open opportunities for your children. Here are some of the most favorites universities available for you, RIGHT NOW.