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Environmental Science, Engineering and Management

: September, 2022
: English
: March, 2022
: RMB 39,000
: RMB 800
: 081217178800 / 081214567888



Overview of the Program

Aiming at the development of technical and sustainable solutions that minimize the impact of human activities on the environment, the International Master Program in Environmental Science, Engineering and Management covers the areas of environmental engineering and science, environmental management and planning.

The program is designed to train students with solid theoretical and systematic professional knowledge and the skills in the field of environmental engineering and management, and to prepare to approach the forefront of environmental engineering and management with a combination of coursework and research components. Highly flexible learning is a distinguishing feature of this program that allows the development of either intensive or broadened abilities of the students.

Degree Offered

Master of Science

Master of Science in Environmental Science and Engineering (M.S.-ESE)

Each student must complete required coursework to fulfill the credits requirement and qualify for degree conferral. A thesis research is an essential part of the degree.

(Each student must complete the required coursework and a thesis research to qualify for degree conferral.)

Professional Courses Offered in English

Course Requirements:

Students are required to take Chinese language courses, professional courses, internship and academic activities. The program offers a comprehensive professional education and research in areas including water/wastewater treatment, air pollution control, solid waste control, environmental chemistry, environmental microbiology, environmental planning and management and environmental policy, etc. The courses are scheduled to permit either intensive study in a specific area, or interdisciplinary studies across a variety of fields. Comprehensive introductory courses are given to provide a common basis of understanding for those with differing backgrounds. Professional courses are selected in consultation with the graduate coordinator or a faculty advisor to meet each student’s academic and career goals. An internship is designed for students to gain professional experiences in a company or environmental protection organization in China. The typical period of this program is 2 years.

Courses offered in each semester:

Spring Semester:

Advanced Environmental Chemistry

Advanced Wastewater Treatment

Restoration Ecology and Application

Global Environmental Issues

Hazardous Waste Disposal Technology

Environmental Transport Processes

Atmospheric Chemical Transport Model

Urban Storm water Management: Theory and Practices

Autumn Semester:

Fundamentals of Environmental Biotechnology

Advanced Water Distribution System and Management

Advanced Water Supply Engineering

Environmental Management and Policy

Integrated Solid Waste Management

Air Pollution Control Technology

Biofilms: fundamentals to applications

Challenges for Advanced Water technology: Global Seminars

Note: For the completion of thesis, relevant courses offered by other schools or departments can also be selected. Most courses given in Chinese are also available for international students.


According to the coursework, the two-year master’s program requires an internship/on-site survey. During the on–site survey, each student will design and conduct a scientific survey on China-specific issues with the help from supervisors. A diverse number of practical opportunities are available in water plants, wastewater treatment plants, waste treatment and recycling facilities, environmental companies, environmental protection bureaus, multinational corporations and other national or international organizations. During the on-site survey, students will gain exposure in methods and techniques adopted by natural and social scientists to identify, analyze and interpret environmental issues. The on-site survey will be in either Beijing or other parts of China, and usually conduct in the summer after the first academic year.


Students are required to complete an independent research project, supervised by a faculty member who shares the same interest in this particular topic or issue that is related to his/her own research. A written thesis research proposal and a formal presentation are required in the second term. Students are required to submit a thesis in English with an executive summary in Chinese. A final oral defense is required.

Graduate Research Areas

There are 12 research divisions in SOE.

For detailed information, click here

Curriculum Plan

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1. High school diploma and above.

2. Non-Chinese citizens who hold a foreign passport and comply with the relevant regulations set by the “Document No. 12 (2020) of Ministry of Education of the PRC ".

3. Physically and mentally healthy.

4. Applicants under 18 years old (Per September) should provide a letter of guarantee for their guardian in China (notarization required).

Application Documents:

1. Scan passport: Front page and Endorsement page (page 3/4, if there is an addition or change of name). (bit.ly/ContohPassport) (bit.ly/ContohEndorsement)

2. Recent passport size photo, with the following format: Recent full-faced passport size photo (the head occupies 70% of the size of the photo); the aspect ratio is 4:3; white background without borders; the size is 100-500KB (*.jpg,*.jpeg). (bit.ly/ContohPhoto)

3. Language Certificates

- English Taught: IELTS with an overall score of 5.5/6.0 or TOEFL IBT 85 (different for each university)

- Chinese Taught: HSK 4-6 (levels and minimum scores are different for each major and university)

4. High school diploma (for bachelor degree) and Bachelor or Master diploma (for master and doctoral degree), hasn’t graduated students should provide an official statement from your high school or university as proof of graduation (Pre-Graduation Statement). (bit.ly/PreGraduationLetter)

5. High school transcripts (for bachelor degree) and university transcripts (for master and doctoral degree), page sorted in 1 file. Please contact the school to get ‘1 sheet’ kinds of transcripts. (bit.ly/ContohOnePageTranscript)

6. 2 (two) recommendation letters from your teachers in high school (for bachelor degree) and two university professors (for master and doctoral degrees) along with letterhead and stamp from the school. Please also include the email and phone number of recommenders.

7. Study Plan / Personal Statement, approximately 800 words (English/Mandarin) and must be signed with a clear name. You could check general personal statement points grid here (bit.ly/PoinPersonalStatement)

8. Additional requirements that apply vary from university to university, for example:

- Entrance Examination / Interview.

- Financial Statement (from Bank).

- Certificate of No Criminal Record (SKCK) from the Local Indonesian Police. (bit.ly/ContohSKCK)

- Medical Check Up Report. (bit.ly/SayaratPengisianForm) (bit.ly/PhysicalExaminationForm)


- Documents number 4-6 above, MUST be translated into English / Mandarin, and legalized by the school or you could use the services of a sworn translator.

- Please neatly SCAN each file in pdf format, the size must not be more than 1 MB (except the passport photo must comply with the requirements above), then upload everything to the system at www.greatwall.co.id.

1. Application Fee: RMB 800

2. Tuition Fees: RMB 39.000/year

3. Accidental Injury and Hospitalization Insurance: RMB 800/year

4. Accommodation in students dormitories on Tsinghua campus, Beijing: RMB 80/day per person for single rooms and AB rooms, RMB 40/day per person for double rooms.