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Psychology (Social Sciences Division)

: September, 2024
: Chinese
: January, 2024
: RMB 26,000
: RMB 800
: 081217178800 / 081214567888



The undergraduate programs of Tsinghua University are 4-year full-time study (except for the programs of architecture in Architecture Division and sculpture in Arts Division which require 5 years). The programs are delivered in Chinese and English. Bachelor's degree and graduation certificate will be awarded if the student finish all the required course work and pass the thesis defense.

Starting from 2017, Tsinghua begins to integrate programs/majors into divisions and recruit students of undergraduate programs by division. There are 15 divisions open to international students. Upon arriving at Tsinghua University, students from most divisions will undergo the general curriculum of their divisions in their first academic year. By the end of the first academic year, the specific programs/majors will be confirmed. In the second academic year, students enter the relevant schools/ departments for major study.


1. High school graduate and above.

2. Non-Chinese citizens who hold a foreign passport and comply with the relevant regulations set by the “Document No. 12 (2020) of Ministry of Education of the PRC.".


3. Physically and mentally healthy.

4. Applicants under 18 years old (Per September 1st) should provide a letter of guarantee for their guardian in China (notarization required).

Application Documents:

1. Passport: Please scan your passport ID page. If there is any additional or change of the name, please also provide the endorsement page.(bit.ly/ContohPassport) (bit.ly/ContohEndorsement)

2. Recent photo, with the following format: Recent full-faced photo (the head occupies 70% of the size of the photo); the aspect ratio is 4:3; white background without borders; the size must be between 100-500KB (*.jpg,*.jpeg). (bit.ly/Contoh_Photo)

3. Language Certificates

- For English-Taught program: IELTS with an overall score of 5.5/6.0 or TOEFL IBT 85 (subject to each university)

- For Chinese-Taught program: HSK 4-6 (level and minimum score are subject to each major and university)

4. High school diploma (for bachelor degree applicants) and Bachelor or Master diploma (for master and doctoral degree applicants), students who hasn’t graduated should provide an official statement from high school or university as a guarantee of the graduation date (Pre-Graduation Statement). (bit.ly/PreGraduationLetter) (bit.ly/PreGraduationLetter2)

5. High school transcripts (for bachelor degree applicants) and university transcripts (for master and doctoral degree applicants), page sorted from first semester to last or latest semester in one PDF file. Please contact your school to get ‘1 sheet’ kinds of transcripts. (bit.ly/ContohOnePageTranscript)

6. 2 (two) recommendation letters from your teachers in high school (for bachelor degree applicants) and two university professors (for master and doctoral degree applicants) along with letterhead, stamp from the school, and sign. Please also include the email and phone number of the recommenders.

7. Study Plan / Personal Statement, approximately 800 words (English/Mandarin) and must be signed with a clear name. You could check general personal statement points grid here (bit.ly/PoinPersonalStatement)

8. Additional requirements that apply vary from university to university, for example:

- Entrance Examination / Interview.

- Financial Statement (from Bank). (bit.ly/ContohFinancialCertificateProof)

- Curriculum Vitae (CV), you can check the sample or simply look up on google (bit.ly/Contoh_CurriculumVitae_CV)

- Certificate of Non-Criminal Record Report(SKCK) from the Local Indonesian Police. (bit.ly/ContohSKCK)

- Foreigner Physical Examination Form (Medical Check-up Report). (bit.ly/SayaratPengisianForm) (bit.ly/PhysicalExaminationForm)


- Documents number 4-6 above, MUST be translated into English / Mandarin by the school or a sworn translator, and need to be legalized.

- Please neatly SCAN each file in pdf format, the size must not be more than 1 MB (except the recent photo must comply with the requirements above), then upload everything into the system (www.greatwall.co.id).

1. Application Fee (non-refundable): RMB 800

2. Tuition Fee:

  • Architecture, Civil Engineering, Environmental and Chemical Science and Engineering, Mechanical Aerospace and Power Engineering, Energy and Power, Electronic Information, Computer Science, Automation, Weixian College, Mathematics, Physics and Modern Engineering, Chemistry and Life Science: RMB 30,000
  • *Economics, Finance and Management, Social Sciences, Law, Liberal Arts: RMB 26,000
  • Arts: RMB 40,000

3. Accommodation:

  • Single rooms: 80.00/person/day
  • AB rooms: 80.00/person/day
  • Double rooms: 40.00/person/day

4. Insurance: RMB 800