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Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Clinical Medicine

: September, 2020
: Chinese
: March, 2021
: RMB 29,000
: RMB 800
: 081217178800 / 081214567888



Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine (former Shanghai Second Medical University) is one of the key universities that enroll overseas students in China. It admits not only scholarship students recommended by the China Scholarship Council, but also non-scholarship for undergraduates, postgraduates, Ph.D. and advanced studies.


Application Eligibility

1. High school diploma and above.

2. Non-Chinese citizens who hold a foreign passport and comply with the relevant regulations set by the “Document No. 12 (2020) of Ministry of Education of the PRC ".

3. Physically and mentally healthy.

Application Materials

1. Application form for international students of Medical College of Shanghai Jiaotong University.

2. Passport information page (up to April 30, 2021), and the latest visa page and exit / entry seal page.

3. High school diploma and academic level certificate: high school diploma and all course transcripts issued by the school. The diploma and transcript should be notarized in Chinese or English, and the notarized copy should be uploaded together with the original

3.1 Fresh high school graduates can provide the pre graduation certificate issued by the school that issued the graduation certificate and academic transcripts of the existing courses, and indicate the expected time of obtaining the graduation certificate; after obtaining the graduation certificate, applicants must supplement and submit the relevant application materials according to the requirements of the graduated applicants.

4. HSK band 5 with score of 200 or above (must be obtained in the past two years).

5. A Personal statement in Chinese (signed by yourself).

6. Financial guarantee certificate, such as deposit certificate issued by the bank, with an amount of more than RMB 300.000 (or equivalent foreign currency).

7. Physical examination form for foreigners must be a valid physical examination report within 6 months (up to April 30, 2021), which should be filled in and sealed by public hospitals (the form can be downloaded from the official website).

8.Certificate of non-criminal record (living place in recent four years).

9. Other supporting documents (such as award-winning certificate, admission notice of other universities, etc.).

10. If the applicant is a Chinese citizen and later becomes a foreign national, the following documents shall be submitted:

10.1 certificate of naturalization;

10.2 cancellation of the original China registered residence certificate and the proof of withdrawal from China nationality;

10.3 the signature page of the applicant's passport to and from China from April 30, 2017 to the time of application;

10.4 record proof of the applicant's actual residence outside China for more than 2 years from April 30, 2017 to the time of application.

11. According to Article 5 of the nationality law of the People's Republic of China, if both or one of the parents is a Chinese citizen and has settled abroad, and applicants have foreign nationality when he/she was born, provide the following supporting materials:

11.1 proof of the applicant's acquisition of foreign nationality at birth;

11.2 proof of nationality or registered residence of the applicant's parents (passport or ID card);

11.3 corresponding permanent residence certificates of both parents or one of the parents of the applicant. China registered residence certificate and certificate of exit from China if the parents or the other side were China citizens but not permanent resident abroad.

11.4 the signature page of the applicant's passport to and from China from April 30, 2017 to the time of application;

11.5 record proof of the applicant's actual residence outside China for more than 2 years from April 30, 2017 to the time of application.

12. Applicants under the age of 18 as of April 30, 2021 shall provide the guarantee of guardian in China (notarized).

13. China registered residence China will require the applicant to submit supplementary materials except for the above application materials, including, but not limited to, birth certificates, household transcripts, entry certificates, withdrawal of Chinese nationality certificates, cancellation of registered residence certificates in China, and related certificates of parents.


① If all the above application materials are not in Chinese or English, they should be translated into Chinese or English and notarized. The notarized copy should be submitted together with the original.

② The download website of international student education center of Medical College:

③ If the relevant departments adjust the enrollment policy, the relevant regulations of the medical college will be adjusted accordingly and announced in time.

Entrance Test

Applicants who pass the preview shall take the “SJTU International Undergraduate Entrance Test”.

1. Test Method: online

2. Test Date: 15:00-16:30 March 27, 2021 (Beijing Time, GMT+8)

3. Test Subjects: Chinese, math, English.


(1)All tests are closed-book.

(2)The math test will have two categories, Math of Science and Math of Liberal Arts. The test category refers to the “List of 2021 SJTU Undergraduate Program in Chinese for International Students”, and the test language is Chinese&English.

(3)For students applying for a Major in Chinese language, math scores will not be included in the total score, but will be reckoned in the scholarship evaluation.

(4)Students who apply for the Chinese language courses will not take the Chinese test.

(5) Please pay attention to the follow-up email notification for "Test Instructions".


Applicants who have passed the “SJTU International Undergraduate Entrance Test” can attend the interview. Details about the interview will be informed at university office website Study@SJTU ( or sent by email.

1. Application Fee: RMB 800 (non-refundable).

2. Tuition: RMB 29.000 / year

3. Insurance Fee: RMB 800 / year (The relevant regulations by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China and the Management Regulations for International Student of SJTU require all international students with study duration over 6 months to purchase the Group Comprehensive Insurance in Mainland China.)

4. Accommodation: Double room RMB 21-40/day/bed

5. The cost of teaching materials, medical expenses, transportation expenses, meals, etc. depends on the actual situation of the individual.