Amazing Examples of Tech Innovation in China

From an ambitious space programme to a mile-long waste-to-energy plant China is a leader in innovation

In June 2016, Chinese president Xi Jinping outlined his vision for China to become the leading player in science and technology globally. Speaking at the national congress of the China Association for Science and Technology, he said the country must be on course to being a leading innovator worldwide by 2030.

According to a post on the Chinese Academy of Science website, Xi said: "Great scientific and technological capacity is a must for China to be strong and for people's lives to improve," adding that the country and even humankind "won't do without innovation, nor will it do if the innovation is carried out slowly."

Fast forward to 2020 and it's clear that the country is making technology innovation a major, major priority – having become a leader in quantum research, boldly challenging the USA in the supercomputer arms race, and creating its own successful space programmes. Zhejiang province, where internet giant Alibaba is located, just pledged a $17 billion commitment to driving technology over the next five years. And the country's startups scene is thriving.

Here are just some of the most amazing projects that have emerged from China in recent years. 

Drone and robotic COVID-19 response